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Build your trading edge through macro. 4 fundamental pillars, 0 jargon.

Heads Up: This macro guide is not for traders with less than 2+ years in the market, check out my beginners free guide here.

This is for the experienced technical trader who:

Fill The Void In Your Trading Knowledge

Macro x Price Action

A direct link into how macroeconomics mixes with price action and how one can react to these releases.

Central Bank Policy 101

Understand the crucial role central bank policies play in financial markets and how that affects a currencies, from a monetary supply standpoint.

The Macro FX Data That Matters

If you find yourself trying to figure out the relevance of building permits, retail sales and a tonne of other readings which sometimes put you off from learning macro FX; let me help with that.

Your 7-step global macro framework

A guide into how the professionals eye up macro trades and the 7-step framework behind these trades.

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